Asset Management

SingAlliance is the portfolio manager of various strategies implemented through different fund structures, AIF in Liechtenstein and Cayman open-ended Mutual Fund.





Draco HY EM Asia Bond Fund

To generate a large risk-adjusted return by investing in a broad spectrum of fixed-income instruments and earnings-curve based investment strategies in emerging markets with a long focus in Asia.

Draco IG Global Bond Fund

To achieve a long-term total return by investing worldwide in a broad spectrum of Investment Grade debt securities.

Draco Patrimonial Fund

A multi-asset strategy that focus on long-term capital growth, with a core portfolio of high-quality securities and yield-enhancing satellite positions.

Draco Global Macro Opportunities Fund

The objective of the Fund is to achieve capital appreciation by investing across a broad spectrum of securities, including derivatives financial instruments, in order to profit from a broad range of global macro opportunities. 

Draco Digital Opportunities Fund

The fund seeks to generate long term capital appreciation by actively investing in a diversified portfolio of established digital assets, employing a proprietary and systematic process to identify trends and other opportunities across the digital asset space.