Investment Process

SingAlliance is firmly convinced that long term performance derives from the combination of a top-down approach with a fundamental analysis.

Long term


SingAlliance’s investment philosophy is marked by a rigorous risk management along the full investment process.

Based on the assessment of the macroeconomic environment, our monthly strategic investment committee defines a global economic scenario with the highest probability of occurrence. Given this scenario and depending on your risk profile and the funds’ strategies, the investment committee determines investment opportunities with the best risk-reward characteristics in terms of asset allocation, geographical and sectoral allocation, as well as currencies.
Once the strategic asset allocation is determined, model portfolios for each risk profile and currency are built using fundamental analysis for selecting each underlying investment. A weekly investment committee is in charge of reviewing investments and adapt model portfolios or investment funds for each risk profile or funds’ strategies. During these weekly committees, new investment opportunities, buy or sell recommendations, or any necessary adjustment is presented.
Our conclusions are then implemented into your portfolio or fund taking into account specific investment constraints. Special care is also taken to ensure liquidity of investments, the only guarantee of a prompt response to any change in the market conditions.

Building long term performance through a rigorous Investment process

At SingAlliance, we are committed to conducting thorough research when pursuing investment opportunities for our clients. 

We believe that incorporating ESG considerations into our investment process has the potential to enhance what asset management can accomplish. We recognise that ESG issues, data, and analyses are all actively evolving, and likewise we expect our research and investment approaches to continue to develop in ways that are attuned to the contexts of various issuers, asset classes, and investment strategies.