Wealth Management

Wealth Management at SingAlliance consists of placing you in the centre of our expertise. Each client is unique and has a personal story that we need to listen, understand and learn.

By entrusting the management of your assets to a human-scale independent wealth management firm, you benefit from the ideal bespoke solution.




The world is constantly evolving, your requirements and objectives too. Our strength lies in our ability to adapt to these new challenges.

The close relationship that we build with you in the long term (due to our human dimension) allows us to offer tailored wealth protection solution and appropriate investment strategies.

Having an open architecture also allows us to act in your best interest and source for the best in class products or solutions that are most suited to your needs. We pay great attention to service excellence and although tailor made, SingAlliance applies rigorous processes along the full spectrum of its activities always driven by strong values of professionalism, constantly committed to perform, transparency, integrity and utmost confidentiality.

In this context, SingAlliance’s partnership with its clients is determined by several investment management profiles.
Strong Relationship with independant & unbiased advice


Discretionary Asset Management at SingAlliance follows a pre-defined process.

Determining the investment profile
As you have your own personal needs, we put great emphasis in understanding your global situation. Our goal is to align your financial objectives with the most suitable investment profile. To do so, we take into account different criteria such as your personal and financial situation, your investment time horizon, your risk tolerance, and your investment constraints.
Structuring and managing the portfolio
After having determined the right investment profile, SingAlliance’s experienced team of portfolio managers implements the strategies to each investment profile through a rigorous investment process. Your portfolios are consistently monitored on an ongoing basis and dynamically managed to reflect our views on the macroeconomic situation and our tactical asset allocation.
The investment profile determined is reviewed on a continuous basis, in light of the evolution of your situation in order to make sure that your personal needs are always aligned with your investment profile. Your portfolio results are entirely part of the review exchange we share with you so that you understand the investments made.


If you are an active investor who follow the markets with interest and would like to be in the pilot seat of your investments, the SingAlliance investment advisory mandate offers you the solution tailored to your investment needs and goals.
Based on the investment profile determined, our Investment market specialists issue recommendations for taking action but the final decision belongs to you.
We also apply an ongoing monitoring of the guidelines set in the investment profile to ensure that your portfolios are always in line with your objectives.